Following the revision of the National Curriculum in 2014, the staff of St Paul’s worked extremely hard to ensure the lessons they planned were engaging, appropriately challenging, and able to provide thought-provoking learning in great depth for all pupils. Focusing on our mission to educate the whole child, and working collaboratively with Subject Leaders, the staff produced planning books for each year group, so that the subjects flowed seamlessly across a child’s 7-year journey from Reception to Year 6.

Below, you will find a visual picture of our curriculum, where the root - our mission - provides a statement of our beliefs and values. Branching out from our mission, you will find our methodology and a brief insight into each of the various subjects taught at St Paul's.

To further immerse yourself in our curriculum, please feel free to click on any of the pages to the right: you will be able to read more about our approach to each individual subject in great detail.

Please continue to scroll down this page to see our Curriculum Maps for each term of each year group.


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Should you wish to find out more about the curriculum in our school please contact the school office who will put you in contact with the correct teacher.


Guidelines for parents

Homework is an important aspect of education and we are grateful for your part in helping your child understand this and for giving appropriate help in the way it is managed.

The homework set will be geared to the individual needs of the child, and we recognise that there will be differing home circumstances. Your guidance, though, is vital and we ask that a suitable place for work, assistance if required, be provided.

Children are given several days to complete homework tasks in recognition that other outside school activities play important parts in their lives. An extended time for completion helps a child develop skills of time management and responsibility.

Should you feel that you would like to comment in any way regarding tasks set, or if there seems to be a mismatch of timing in the completion of them, which is causing concern, please mention it to the class teacher personally.


We issue this booklet to all new staff who join our school, so that they understand our systems and procedures for teaching lessons and marking work. It also includes expected standards for handwriting and presentation, and a little insight into our rewards system. In September 2017, we issued a hard copy to every family in our school, so that they were aware of our expectations.

We now share it on our website, for you to peruse at will. We do hope you find it useful in supporting your child at home.