St. Paul's Catholic Primary School

Year 4

In Year 4, the children further develop independence, taking on more whole
school areas of responsibility. A key Year 4 focus is developing multiplication
tables fluency and speed of recall, both necessary for pupils to solve
mathematical problems with efficiency.

Bringing our Romans, Anglo-Saxons & Celts topics to life, our pupils visit Butser
Ancient Farm, in Hampshire. Preparing our children for the longer residential
stays they can experience in Years 5 & 6, Year 4 offers pupils their first taste of
‘living away from home', alongside their peers, on a two-night stay at Sayers Croft
in Ewhurst.

Please find below our Year 4 Curriculum Map.

Year 4 Curriculum Map

Please find below the Year 4 Topic Webs for each half term.

 Please find below the Year 4 Homework Grid.

Year 4 Homework Grid