St. Paul's Catholic Primary School

School Meals

We are proud to use Twelve15 for our school catering.

In line with Surrey County Council’s guidelines, school meals are paid termly in advance. A notice is emailed to parents detailing the amount due at the end of the preceding term.

To create an online account or to pay for your child's school meals, please click on the 'Meal Payments' button below:

MEAL PAYMENTSFor further help, download our Parents User Guide.


Commercial Services,
Surrey County Council,
Epsom Local Office,
Town Hall, The Parade,
Surrey, KT18 5BY

Please note that your bank statement will display WWW.SURREYCC.GOV.UK for these payments.

For further information, please contact the school office at


Please register via Coolmilk’s website - Coolmilk
- ‘St Paul’s Catholic Primary School’ code is 6847

All payments are managed by Coolmilk, who supply milk to the school. Children under 5 receive free milk until their fifth birthday.

All our menus adhere to the Government's Nutritonal Standards and are planned with the help of a Community Dietician.

  • We take care to limit the amount of salt we use in our menus
  • Whenever possible we ovenbake foods to reduce the fat content in our dishes
  • We do not use meat products that contain mechanically recovered meat
  • Where possible we use low fat and low sugar recipes
  • We do not knowingly use products containing G. M. Foods

If you require more detailed information or want to discuss your child's diet please contact us via the e-mail address on the contact page.

For more information on balanced diets please use the link to the BNF below.


On occasions, caterers are able to change the planned menus to fit in with the requirements of the school.