St. Paul's Catholic Primary School


At St. Paul’s, our primary aim is for each pupil to thrive in a happy and secure environment and to be given every opportunity to maximise their full potential. We aim to cultivate an environment in which all children flourish.

Occasionally children will encounter barriers to their learning. We aim to identify any special needs as early as possible, including screening all reception children for language development. We aim to provide the appropriate support and resources to enable all children to participate in school life successfully. Some pupils will have special needs for a short time, whilst others will need support throughout their school life, to varying degrees. Regardless of the need, our objective is to give every child at St. Paul’s the opportunity to achieve their potential.  

Below you will find a number of our policies and procedures relating to SEND at St Paul's 

 Accessibility PlanSEN Information Report

SEND Policy

Special Educational Needs- Wave 1 2 and 3 Provision


If you have any questions regarding our SEN provision, please contact our Deputy Headteacher SENDCo Mrs Katie McAuley at or by telephone on 0208 3986791