St. Paul’s Catholic Primary School

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Year 1 & 2 visit Wisley Gardens 

Greeted by the education team at Wisley, we trekked through the gardens for the first time, taking in the sights, sounds and smells and eventually seeing the great glasshouse emerge in the distance. After a quick introduction, the children got to work and completed a tour of the gardens, finding out about the many different plants and trees that can be found at Wisley, as well as which habitats they thrive in and what their fruits, flowers and seeds look like. The tour concluded with the children coming face-to-face with the towering trees of the ‘Pinetum’. The children explored the oldest tree collection in the gardens and learnt about the tallest tree - a Coastal Redwood – which, at 100 years old, was still just a baby and could be expected to triple in size!



Year 3 grow potatoes 

Green-fingered pupils in 3J harvested their crop of potatoes on Wednesday 14th July. They were delighted to discover that we had successfully grown a crop of potatoes. We planted them back in January and have carefully looked after them at each growing stage, with different children taking on the responsibility of watering them throughout the year. 3J are thoroughly looking forward to tasting them in a delicious potato salad.