St. Paul's Catholic Primary School

House Captains

At St Paul’s, we use a house system to encourage pupils to invest in the life of the

This system provides opportunities for friendly competition and showcasing
talents; it is a positive way of recognising and celebrating pupils' contributions and
rewarding pupils for living our school values. It also enables children from across the
year groups to get to know each other and work collaboratively.
The children are put into one of four houses, each one named after a precious
stone. Children can gain blue stickers and gold stars throughout the week which are
posted onto a display in the hall and totalled on a weekly basis by the house
captains in year 6.
There are whole-school house events throughout the year which aim to cater for all
tastes, so all children have the chance to contribute and feel involved. Pupils are
awarded house points which are totalled up over the year and houses also earn
points for winning house events. Each event has a cup awarded to the winning
house and at the end of the year. The house with the most team points win the
House Cup.
Our Houses are:

House Captains 2023-2024