St. Paul's Catholic Primary School

Healthy Schools Council

In Autumn 2021, the Healthy Schools Council was created as a way of ensuring the children of St. Paul’s had a voice to influence whole-school decisions and events relating to healthy eating.

In Autumn 2022, the children decided to expand the objectives of the council to encompass not only healthy eating, but also physical activity and well-being.

Children in Key Stage 2 are invited at the beginning of each year to apply for a role within council, explaining why they would like to be a part of it and how they could envision their role benefitting the school. Once selected to be part of the Healthy Schools Council, children attend weekly meetings to discuss different initiatives to keep both children and adults informed about how to make healthy lifestyle choices, and how we can make our school healthier as a whole.

In recognition of their dedication to the Healthy Schools Council, the children also receive a badge to display on their school uniform.

The Healthy Schools Committee successfully took part in reviewing the school lunch menus, creating a new Healthy Eating display board in the lunch hall, and were involved in Healthy Eating Week in June 2022.

During our Healthy Eating Week, the Healthy Schools Council planned and delivered an assembly to the whole school, informing them of the event, why we were taking part and also shared information about different food groups. They monitored the school’s food waste and encouraged everyone in the school to reduce this as much as possible.

This year’s initiatives include:

  • - Taking part in Healthy Eating Week 2023
  • - Support the planning and organisation of Wellbeing Week in February 2023.
  • - Running a lunch time wellbeing club for their peers in Spring 2.
  • - Running a lunch time exercise club for their peers in Summer 2.

Healthy Schools Council Minutes 

Healthy Schools Council Meeting Minutes 27th February 2023

Healthy Schools Council Meeting Minutes 6th March 2023

Healthy Schools Council Meeting Minutes 13th March 2023

Healthy Schools Council Meeting Minutes 27th March 2023