St. Paul’s Catholic Primary School

School Council

At St. Paul’s, we aim to engage pupils as active participants in their education and in making a positive contribution to their school and local community.

The DfE believe that children and young people should have opportunities to express their opinion in matters that affect their lives.

At St. Paul’s, we strongly agree with this statement, and we involve all our pupils in the decision-making process of our school. We do this, as we believe all pupils have the right to have their voice heard.

School Council:

At St. Paul’s, we have our very own Youth Parliament in the form of School Council. School Council encourages pupils to become active participants in a democratic society and develop skills such as co-operation and communication. Class Representatives are elected from Year 3 to Year 6 and all members meet weekly to plan how to make our school an even better place.

To encourage our School Council members to truly understand the importance of their ‘voice’, we visit the Houses of Parliament every year. During this visit, all members have a tour of the beautiful building and partake in a workshop that demonstrates how each and every person in the world has the right to be heard. The children learn different ways in which they can effectively let themselves be heard, and then bring this knowledge back to the rest of the children in the school.