St. Paul's Catholic Primary School

R.E. Council

St. Paul’s is proud to be part of an inclusive, inviting and holistic community, which promotes the teachings of the Catholic faith, ensuring that we help our children to develop as individuals and prepare to go out into the world as good, Catholic citizens.

With the support of our local parishes, the wider group from the Arundel and Brighton Diocese and our school community, we truly feel that we have developed a positive ethos for the children and staff to live by within our school.


‘We journey together; loving learning; daring to discover;

caring for all; with Jesus as our guide.’



Our school mission statement is an integral part in helping the children in our school to uphold the values of our faith, which are championed and demonstrated with passion and dedication by our R.E. Council members.

Each year, during the summer term, the children in Key Stage 2 (KS2) have the opportunity to apply to become an R.E. Council member for the following academic year. The children are asked to conduct a presentation demonstrating their passion for our faith and what they hope to bring to the R.E. Council if they are successful in their application.

Should they be selected to become an R.E. Council member, the children are given an R.E. Council badge so that they can be recognised by everyone in the community as a champion of our religious beliefs and values. The children are also invited to attend weekly R.E. Council meetings and, in doing so, become a voice on behalf of all the pupils at St. Paul’s. 


Some of the initiatives led by the R.E. Council in recent years include:

  • The official opening of our Prayer Garden by Bishop Richard in 2021
  • Delivering a weekly Gospel assembly for the whole school
  • Lunchtime Rosary clubs during the ‘Months of Mary’ (May and October)
  • Termly Christian meditation sessions for each class
  • Planning whole-school masses and collective worship
  •  Organising and leading a surprise assembly for Father Rob’s 60th birthday


The R.E. Council were asked some questions about how they view the importance of their role at St. Paul’s. Below is a selection of their responses:

‘Our R.E. badges remind us about how we walk with Jesus Christ.’  - Kinga, Year 3

‘We reflect on Jesus' life and how we can change our lives to be more like him.’  - Martha, Year 5

‘I have really enjoyed helping other children at St. Paul’s to engage more with prayer, encouraging them to be more active members of our Catholic community.’ - Cara, Year 4 

‘Our teachers thrive to teach us all they can about Jesus as we come to prepare for the sacraments.’  - Chloe, Year 4

‘Not only has being an R.E. Councillor helped me to grow in faith but it has also helped me to develop skills for life. Helping to lead the Gospel assembly each week has really helped me to develop my public speaking skills and stand in front of an audience with confidence and conviction.’ – Gaby, Year 6

‘As an R.E. Councillor, I want to promote the importance of kindness and being loving to everyone by spreading the Good News.’ - Sive, Year 4

‘The R.E. Council helps everyone to understand the importance of living by the word of God. We create safe spaces for people to pray, meditate and be closer to God.’ – Tess, Year 5

‘I feel proud to be a role-model to others by following in the footsteps of Jesus and giving comfort and support to those who need it.’ - Theo, Year 4