St. Paul’s Catholic Primary School


At St. Paul’s, we promote sporting excellence and encourage all children to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

We pride ourselves on our sporting achievements, and aim to give children experience in a number of different sports, exposing them to a range of options.


Pupils take part in 2 hours 30 minutes of physical activity each week; well above the national expectation of 75 minutes. Children’s fitness levels are checked each term and tracked to ensure that we see a positive trend in relation to the fitness of our children.

Opportunities for extra-curricular activities are provided both by the school teachers and external providers, to ensure that a wide range of sports are available for our children. Opportunities include clubs such as football, netball, tennis, basketball, hockey, cricket, gymnastics, golf and personal fitness - and this is not our full list. Our clubs deliver equal opportunities to both boys and girls, so that all children can access the activity in which they have interest and passion.

Our school is part of the Esher District Primary School Sports Association (EDPSSA), and throughout the year, events are organised by P.E. co-ordinators to enable our pupils to take part in inter-school matches and competitions.

For the autumn term, schools in the district take part in a boys’ and girls’ football league. They take part in league and cup matches and tournaments. Priority is given to Year 6 pupils, with Year 5 children being given opportunities too.

In the spring term, there is a netball league allowing mixed-gender teams, again prioritising Year 6, with Year 5 children also invited to take part. The spring term also holds the Annual Cross Country Championships, which are held at West End Common for selected pupils in Years 4, 5, 6.

The summer term focuses on athletics, and concentrates on two events: the District Sports field events - open to Years 3, 4, 5, 6; and the District Sports track events (open to the same year groups).

All pupils throughout the school will have the opportunity to take part in competitive sport during the Infant and Junior Sports Days in the summer term.

In the last year alone, we are thrilled to have won hockey, netball and football tournaments, and are currently the reigning Cross Country champions. Please refer to our newsletters for further details. 


St. Paul’s has received a Sports Premium Grant totalling £19,154 from the government, with a surplus of £3491; there is a total of £22645 for the academic year 2020/21. The aim of this grant was to ensure schools were able to provide a high-quality P.E. curriculum, increase active participation in sports inside and outside of lessons, and ensure teachers were attaining appropriate training opportunities. The government states:

Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and Sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this’ (DfE June 2013).

With this in mind, we focused on sustainable spending of the Sports Premium and involved external clubs and companies to boost our P.E. provision across the whole school. Despite restrictions throughout the pandemic, 360 Sports Education continued to work with every class across the school to revitalise our teaching of gymnastics and invasion games, ensuring that children develop their skills in a fun environment that matches their needs. Surbiton Hockey Club delivered an afternoon club and lessons for all pupils in Years 4 and 5, which proved a huge success to development. Furthermore, we have purchased resources to enable higher quality P.E. lessons and provide more equipment for children to develop skills during free time at break times and lunchtimes.


Use of PE funding 2020/21

Investment Cost Impact Who When

Employment of 360 sports to work enhancing teaching of PE and providing CPD to teachers.



Upskilling of teachers in their PE delivery.

Increased provision of activities for the children at playtimes helping to target specific groups of children.

360 sports

3.5 days per week working with every class for the full academic year. Lunchtime / afterschool clubs are also provided for specific groups of children – gifted and talented included.

Hockey Coaching


Providing ks2 children with specialised teaching of Hockey

Sugden Road Sports Trust

All academic year

Sporting resources

£248.19 Providing resources for teachers to deliver high quality lessons and ensure a safe learning environment.  Sports Education Over the academic year 

Daily Run

£0 PE lead to encourage staff and children to exercise daily together. Increase to child happiness and wellbeing as well as showing health benefits. Teaching Staff Daily




Funding 2020/21: Approx. £19,154

Funding from the previous year: £3,491

Total: Approximately £22,645

Total before – Total spend = £4746.81 remaining