St. Paul's Catholic Primary School


Homework is an important aspect of education at St Paul's, and we are grateful for your part in helping your child understand this, and for giving appropriate help in the way it is managed.

 Why Homework?

Homework is given to our children to consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding, particularly in English and Maths. It is a partnership between home and school, and we ask for the support of parents to ensure the children complete the task they are set.

Key Stage One:

This is the development of the partnership. Homework will contain short activities which may well challenge as well as consolidate school work. It contains games, learning spelling and number facts as well as a regular reading. The activities will also encourage parents to talk about the child’s school day.

Key Stage Two:

Homework will be an opportunity for children to develop skills of independent learning through set amounts of work and research. It will encourage the importance of setting time aside to study on their own or for research into a set theme or subject.

Teachers will mark each piece of work to provide feedback. However, any homework handed in late will not be able to be marked.

Below you will find an outline of the specific homework designation for each year group.


Whole School Homework Grid


Within the year group section of the website, you can find each year group's homework timetable.