St. Paul’s Catholic Primary School

Design and Technology

Design is not necessarily to invent something new, but to improve on something that already exists for a specific purpose.

Understanding the impact of products, and working on a solution to improve people's lives, are vital in the teaching of technology. 

Through D&T at St. Paul's, the children are encouraged to identify, examine and solve practical problems and to improve existing situations. D&T gives children the opportunity to be reflective and honest about their own work and make changes that they believe will improve their product. We encourage the children to be inventive, using a variety of different materials and tools; this includes demonstrating their understanding of how initial designs develop into an end product.

An important part of D&T is for the children to evaluate what they have done and discuss what they could improve or adapt next time. The teaching of D&T at St. Paul’s involves a flexible curriculum for such skills to be taught, meaning that the children will have an enriched learning experience, during which they can create a product and develop their ability to self-reflect and think using an analytical mindset.