St. Paul's Catholic Primary School


St Paul’s looks to develop ICT skills in all pupils, to help them access and engage with the ever-changing use of ICT in the real world.

A sound understanding of how to stay safe online in an ever-changing environment is vital. We look to make the children thinkers, understanding what might be real and fake about the stories and images which we see, as well as knowing how to create algorithms and de-bug issues with coding.

'Computing' as a discrete subject is taught once each week for an hour in each Key Stage. ICT, however, is also used by the children as a resource to find information out about different topics they are covering, or presenting their findings and data; as a school, we have a large number of laptops and iPads available for children to use at any time. 

Children learn to work individually or in small teams to complete projects or tasks set by the teachers. The children systematically develop an understanding of their communication skills, both in class, and sharing the information collected. iPads help the children to access a variety of different apps, using a technology source that is more current. They use touchscreen technology to code, make simple explanatory videos and information; all of which can be saved on to Google classrooms, our online learning and storage platform.

The use of Chrome Books helps to develop the keyboard work needed for research, as well as developing an understanding of how the different Microsoft packages can be used to share learning.  As the children move the school, the level of understanding and complexity of the tasks develops in-line with the children deepening their knowledge and use of the apps and programs used. 


Online safety is of paramount importance here at St. Paul's Catholic Primary School. Developing the children's understanding of their use of technology and the online environment is essential in this ever-changing world our young children face. We have developed a curriculum that embeds safety online as a fundamental learning aspect in order to educate and empower the children to make the right and appropriate choices about their activities online. This can be found below, split into the different year groups with an overview about what will be covered in each of the terms throughout the year.

ICT Evolve whole school overview

Please find below our subject curriculum map

Computing Curriculum Map

Subject on a page 

Subject on a page - Computing

Please find below our presentation for parents about online safety.

Online Safety Talk 2021

Online Safety Talk 2022Online Saftey 2023


Special events 

Annually, St Paul’s takes part in Safer Internet Day. 

In addition to this, within the school, we hold an ICT competition using different topics or themes. These have previously included the use of photographic imagery to create a talking point: looking at something unusual in the world, or seeing the “every-day” in a different perspective; to using augmented reality to create a new flag for the school.

Useful websites

Google Classroom

Quiver – Augmented reality

Scratch – Coding

Police Internet Safety

Safer Internet

Useful Apps used in school


Animate it


Comic Life 3

Crossy Road



Puppet pals HD


Scratch Jr


Word salad