St. Paul's Catholic Primary School


Every child is an artist. By focusing on developing our children's artistic skills, they learn that success is not measured in ‘becoming Monet’ but in their own creative journey- wherever this may begin or end.

Art education at St Paul’s includes learning a diverse range of skills including drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, collaging, art textiles and printing; with the progression of these skills demonstrated within their own sketchbooks.                                                     

Our art approach is taught with cross-curricular subject links to enhance each half term’s art projects, delivering depth, breadth, and immersing the children in their new learning. The children study specific artists, as well as cultural and historical artwork to gain a meaningful and rich art education. Children at St Paul’s are encouraged to delve into artistic exploration. The children flourish by creatively investigating their own ideas and exploring what art means to them. 

Art is celebrated through ‘Art workshops’, giving the children opportunities for further enrichment beyond the skills we study regularly. As part of ‘Art Week’, the children use the skills that they have acquired over the course of the year, to produce work around a theme.  At the annual Art Exhibition in the summer term, a culmination of all children’s work during Art Week and throughout the year is presented to parents to celebrate our children's hard work and success. It is very well supported by parents and is a key event in the annual calendar, which allows all those associated with St. Paul’s to come together as a community.                         

We are always striving to add to the art curriculum and would welcome any parents who have qualifications in, or a passion for, any area of art to get in touch if they can offer their services to the children.




Please find below our subject curriculum map.

Art Curriculum Map

 Art Journey 

KS1 Art Journey

KS2 Art Journey

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