St. Paul's Catholic Primary School

Preparing for Reception

At St. Paul's, life in the Early Years Foundation Stage is designed to inspire: we believe these formative years are vital in promoting a lifelong thirst for learning.

A wealth of learning opportunities await all children as they enter Reception. From the minute the children enter the playground of St Paul’s, they begin to build and develop their relationships with other children and the staff.

When entering the school, we challenge the children to live up to the high standards of our school by initially starting with their own personal organisation. We firmly believe that all children can be taught to look after their own belongings from a very early age: from water bottles and book bags to items of clothing. Children taking pride in their appearance and valuing belongings leads to valuing relationships, friendships and their own attitude to learning. The children are motivated to be mindful of their environment, and all act as part of a team to keep the learning space a happy one.

Activities in the class are exciting, varied and change daily. They range from independent activities, structured learning in small groups with the teacher, to class-organised activities. This is formulated from the knowledge and experience of the individuals in the class; supporting their needs, socially, physically and academically. Observing the children and “playing” alongside them, creates strong relationships, as well as questioning the children to develop enquiring minds.

We are extremely lucky to benefit from a large outdoor learning area, including a mud kitchen, water wall, growing beds, climbing frames as well as a playhouse. These different activity areas are linked to the learning throughout the year and enhance the provision for the children.

As a Catholic School with a thriving wider community and a fully-involved and supportive parental body, the sense of ‘belonging’ in the whole school is palpable. From our Year 5 ‘Partners’ initiative, to the special weekly Gospel assemblies, we know that once we are a member of St Paul’s, we all journey together: loving learning, daring to discover and caring for all, with Jesus as a guide. Our staff’s motto is that we strive to promote a “lifelong love of learning” – one we think we achieve here.